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Directory of Professionals


#SurnameEmail AddressQualificationsExpertise
1Anadachee   Varley [email protected] BScAccounting, ACCA
2 Arnachellum   Mrs Sarodia Pillay [email protected] MBABanking, IT
3 Arnachellum   Mr Satchuda [email protected] MScPublic Policy
4 Arnachellum   Ms Anarouby [email protected] BScTraining
5 Armoogum   Mr Canden [email protected] MBAAeronautical Engineering
6 Armoogum   Mr Vinaye[email protected]BSc, MSc,
Mphil Digital Comm
Computer and System Engg,
7 Arumugum   Ms Tyagarani Taivaney Vani [email protected] MScNutrition
Environmental Engg
8 Ayaloo   Mr Devanaden[email protected]  MScComputer Networks,
Software Development



#SurnameEmail AddressQualificationsExpertise
1Cathapermal   Mrs Velamah [email protected] Bar at LawMember of Canadian Bar,
Barreau du Quebec, Mauritian Bar
2 Caulee   Mrs Nalleedhamanee [email protected] BScEducation,
3 Chedumbarum Pillay   Mrs Kobashni [email protected] MScTraining,
HR Management,
4Chinapen Mr Ganessen[email protected]Msc Development Economics Economics, research & analysis
5 Chinien   Mrs Tayenaigum [email protected]  ACCA, MSc Accounting, Finance
6 Comaren   Ms Pamela[email protected]  BScChemical Engineering
7 Conjamaley   Mr Vishwen[email protected]    



#SurnameEmail AddressQualificationsExpertise
1Kanaksabee   Mr Gemini Pillay [email protected] MScWeb Design,
2 Kanaksabee   Mr Hurry Deva [email protected]  FCCAFinance
3 Kathapermal   Mr Seevananda [email protected]BSc Management


# Surname Email Address Qualifications Expertise
1 Marday   Mr Selvom Pillay  [email protected] BSc InformationTechnology
2  Moothoo   Mr Jananda  [email protected] MBA  Information Technology,
Business Development
3  Mootooveeroo   Mr Yoganaden  [email protected]  BSc, ACCA Accounting
4  Moonisamy   Mr Cressen  [email protected]    
5  Mudalli   Mr Rammalingum  [email protected]   MBA, BSc. Teaching,
6  Muthu   Mr Naden  [email protected],
 [email protected]
 Diploma Graphics Design,


#SurnameEmail AddressQualificationsExpertise
1Naiken Gopalla   Mr Devalingum [email protected] LLM, Barrister at LawCorporate and Financial Law
2 Naidoo   Mr Seety  Finance,
Business Intelligence
3 Naidoo Soobrayen   Mr Jessen [email protected]MaitriseIT
Business Intelligence
4 Naidoo Soobrayen   Ms Maliny [email protected] MScEducation/Training,
5 Naidoo   Ms Perunjodi [email protected] MATourism
6 Naidoo   Dr Gopalakrishna [email protected] PhDAgriculture
7 Narrainen   Nanda[email protected],
[email protected]
 MBA (Marketing),
Chartered Marketer
 Marketing and Strategy
8 Narrainen  Poubarlen[email protected]BSc+Security CertificationIT Security Analyst
9 Naraynen   Seeneevassen  [email protected]BSc(Hons) Cardiac Nurse Specialist



#SurnameEmail AddressQualificationsExpertise
1Padachi  Mr Kessaven Dambeegan [email protected] MPhilFinance/Account
2 Pather   Mr Amoordalingum [email protected] MBA(U.K.)Broadcasting/Management
3 Pillai   Mr Siva [email protected] PGCE - DIPSI Early  learning  Development
4Pillay Naraynen   Mr Viksen  vikse[email protected]  Dip. d’Ing. (MEng) I.S. IT, Networking,
Ponnusawmy Mr Harry Krishna mailto:[email protected] B.Eng, MSc, PGComputer Engineering Computer Mediated Pedagogies and Comm. 


# Surname Email Address Qualifications Expertise
1 Ramasawmy   Dr Deerajen  [email protected]  PhD Mathematics,
Marketing Research
2 Ramasawmy  Mr. Melvin  [email protected]  ACCA  Finance
3 Ramasawmy   Mr Seeneevassen  [email protected]  MSc  Information Security, Management
4 Ramasawmy   Mr Vanen [email protected]    
5  Ramen   Ms Rajini [email protected]  BSc, PGCE Physics


#SurnameEmail AddressQualificationsExpertise
1Saminaden   Sadaseeven[email protected] CCNA, CCNPNetworking,
Web Development,
Server Administration
2 Sooben   Ms Selvina [email protected] BSc, ACCA L2Accounting, Auditing
3 Sooben   Mr Thivyananden [email protected] MBA (Leeds)Strategic Marketing,
4 Soobharayen   Ms Arressee Selvani [email protected] MSc(ongoing)Food Science,
Home Economics,
5 Soobramaney   Mr Pregassen [email protected],
 [email protected]
 MScMechanical Engineering,
Maintenance Engineering,
Asset Management
6 Sornum   Ms Ehgambaree Jayamani [email protected]  MATamil Literature and Culture


# Surname Email Address Qualifications Expertise
1 Thylam Ms Vishalee Deviklyani  [email protected]    
2 Tiroumalechetty   Mr Azagen [email protected]
[email protected]
 MSc Education/Training,
3 Tiroumalechetty   Mr Issen [email protected]    


# Surname Email Address Qualifications Expertise
1 Valaythen   Mr Jessen  [email protected]  BSc  Software Engineering,
2 Venethethan   Mrs Rageenee [email protected]    MBA Web Design,
3  Venethethan   Mr Devarajen  [email protected]  MSc IT Education/Training,
Quality Assurance/Audit
4 Vyapooree    Ms Kesavadee Koomooda    BSc  Maths, Computing
5 Vythilingum   Mr Chrisnen  [email protected]  MBA(Birmingham)  Human Resource

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