Directory of Tamil Professionals, Businesses and Associations

Annuaire Electronique des Professionels, des Entreprises et des Associations Tamoules

Directory of Associations and Clubs

Name and Address

President and Members


Mauritius Tamil Temple Federation (MTTF)

Leclezio St, Moka

 President : Menon Murday
Northern Tamil Coordination Committee
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 9103178

Tamil Chambers of Commerce and Professionals
Tel. 7828627

President : Mr Deven Coopoosamy
- Educate and Sensitise on the importance of entrepreneurship and professionalism
- Create and maintain a business and Professional Directory
- Provide Support and Guidance for business in the community
- Act as a facilitator between businesses and relevant authorities
To create a network for local businesses and also act as ambassador at international level
Tamil Force
[email protected]
S. Valayden 7595480
K. Sabapathee 7515167
R. Soopramanien 2517270
V. Moorghen 7819005
I. Ramsamy 7508619
D. Coopen 7820278
D. Armoogum 6315079
C. Sabapathee 7515167
Cathan 9157974
G. Murthen 2558300
D. Annacooty 9113848
J. Manikum 7918811
Tamil Speaking Union
President : Dr. Jeeven Chemen

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